Yakos Therapy, Inc. now offers Speech Teletherapy. This type of therapy allows for the the application of telecommunications technology for the delivery of speech language pathology and audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client for speech therapy sessions, assessment, intervention, and/or consultation. Services are conducted with interactive audio and video connection (via laptop, computer, Chromebook) in real time to create an in-person experience similar to that achieved in a traditional encounter. *ipads are not a supported system

*Per the Governor of Illinois, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and United Health Care, Teletherapy is now a covered benefit for our patients until the social distancing order is lifted. We do recommend verifying this order as a covered benefit prior to scheduling an appointment. Once the appointment is submitted to your respective insurance company, please understand you will be responsible for payment if the claim is not a covered benefit even though the State of Illinois, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, along with United Health Care, has confirmed this is a covered benefit until the Social Distancing Order is lifted or until insurance companies deem otherwise.  

  • Speech Teletherapy is when speech and language services are provided using an online video conferencing platform on a computer or tablet. The Speech-Language Pathologist supports the client through various activities, either digital or direction based, to target their speech goals. Yakos Therapy, Inc. partnered with PresenceLearning, an online video-conferencing platform that provides a high-quality service for our clients.

  • The following suggestions are provided by Yakos Therapy, Inc. to ensure speech teletherapy sessions are successful: 
  • A reliable computer, tablet, or a phone with video and microphone audio capabilities.
  • Headphones (good for working on articulation and auditory processing skills).
  • Internet access with an internet connection speed of at least 3Mbps. You can check internet speeds at http://www.speedtest.net  
  • Zoom meeting room access link prior to the meeting from Yakos Therapy, Inc., scheduler will email the room link for the therapist who will be conducting the session. Once the named therapist is provided this room link will be the same for all sessions with that therapist.  
  • A quiet room or area for the client to have access.
  • Someone to help setup for young clients who may not be able to set up independently.
  • A chair for the client to sit on throughout the session that is high enough so they will be at screen height.
  • Safari (11.2+)  
  • Open the App Store. Click the Apple menu icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.
  • Go to the Updates tab. 
  • Find and activate the Safari update. 
  • App Store will now update Safari on macOS.




  • Be ready and be on time to the video session.

  • Be in a quiet space without interruptions. 

  • Pause more frequently when speaking to allow for slow internet.

  • Client is encouraged to wear headphones/earbuds to help with focus and sound. 

  • Please let your Speech Therapist know if your session needs to be canceled or you will be late. 

  • If you are having trouble accessing the video, contact the therapist immediately. 

  • Go over participation expectations with your child prior to the start of the session.



  • Do not take photos, videos or screenshots of the session (doing so may violate HIPAA privacy laws).

  • Client should not have toys out with them unless asked to have them by therapist.

  • Client should not be eating during the session, but having a bottle of water near your child is a good idea.  

  • Don’t let your child take the computer, tablet or phone around the house.

  • Do not mute the audio or stop sharing video. 

  • Family members should not be talking to the client throughout the session.


Please contact our office at (815) 304-5548 or via email at office@yakostherapy.com to schedule a teletherapy appointment or inquire about this speech therapy option. You may also visit our website at www.yakostherapy.com for additional information regarding the services provided by Yakos Therapy, Inc.