• Amanda Peterson, SLP

Toys & Phrases

This week we will be sharing some videos of how you can use simple toys to encourage your toddler to use phrases

and imitate.  We will talk about “targets” and “expanding”.  A target is the goal - what we are trying to teach.  In this example, we targeted:  open it, close it, circle.  I used recasting as a reinforcement for what the child did say by repeating his productions.  I corrected the upward intonation he used and provided a recast of the phrase without the change in pitch.  Notice that when he heard the correction, his imitations sometimes changed.  I never used the word “say” or asked him to repeat.  He has been used to recasting and imitates on his own.  If we add, “say” he sometimes repeats with the word “say” added - ‘say open it’ and that is not what we are trying to target.  Expansion is adding a little to what the child says.  As we continued with this activity, I added “my circle”, “blue circle”, and the pronoun “I” to create a sentence (I open it, I close it).  The child was eye level with me and was able to attend to the recasting and models provided.  He was motivated by the activity and wanted to engage in the activity multiple times.  By not changing the targets, we were able to provide opportunity for him to hear the targeted phrase in multiple recasts.

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