• Amanda Peterson, SLP

It's a Wonderful Life Even Though We Never Met!

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

This post is dedicated to Bob who is retiring from Dow Chemical.

It’s a Wonderful Life because although we never met your life has influenced mine for the better. And I am sure this is one part of the Bedford Falls story that you've never heard!

In 2006, you helped my husband land a new position with Dow. This new job would be the catalyst for many changes in my own life. He was to start in August which was the month I was going to start my graduate school program to become a school psychologist. The university I was going to attend was in central Illinois, and Brad’s new job would mean a move three hours north to the Wilmington area. Needless to say, the idea of moving right when I was

finally going to finish my dream of completing my Masters caused me to do a lot of thinking.

After I finished my Bachelors in psychology, I applied and was accepted in to the school psychology graduate program at my university. This was a program that accepted only 9 applicants out of hundreds. It was an honor, and I was excited to begin my career. However, a family member became very ill that year and required me to be available to help out at home. I had to drop out of the program. Then life happened, I taught school, started a family and

became involved in various community programs with youth in our area. In 2006, my husband encouraged me to try again and see if I could get admitted to the graduate program. I took a class with the department and was accepted a second time. My classes would start that August, but then the Dow job happened!

I started to look at the programs at universities near Wilmington. My main interest was language acquisition and bilingual language learning. I found a university within driving distance with a speech therapy program. I enrolled, completed a second bachelors degree after taking all the undergraduate coursework in Communication Disorders, then applied for another competitive Master’s program. I was accepted again, finished my graduate studies and started working as a speech therapist. Since then, I have never regretted my decision or the “Plan B” change that my path took. In a very big way, your decision to help Brad get a job in Wilmington resulted in two Yakos Therapy, Inc. clinics and children receiving the opportunity to open the window to their words.

It truly is a Wonderful Life, and I know yours has touched mine even though we have never met!


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