• Amanda Peterson, SLP

Brown Bear Walk with Gabe

Here's a clip from our Brown Bear Walk. We went around the block a few times and targeted the areas each time. Gabe is using "I" phrases, so we were targeting "I see a ..." It was fantastic to see him begin to use the phrase spontaneously the second time around the block as we approached the same spots. He loved the rocks, leaf and stick he found and brought those in the house after the walk. We worked on learning a new vocabulary word "wet". The rock was wet and when he touched it he said "water" to communicate that it was wet. After the sun went down we went on another walk and took a flashlight. This made it easy to spotlight objects as we asked, "Gabe, Gabe, what do you see?" One thing we noticed on our walk, our neighbors were so happy to see each other - from afar! This gave us a great opportunity to work on saying "hello"

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