• Amanda Peterson, SLP

Blocks & Cars

Updated: Oct 22

Here is an example of a simple play routine.  Notice that the routine includes modeling of the words we are targeting (up, ready set go, again).  I have not asked Gabe to say.  He imitates during the routine and then begins using the targeted words on his own.  When I ask, “What do you want?” - Gabe repeats, “do want?” When we ask open ended questions before the child is at the level to answer simple questions, the child will repeat the question.  No model was provided.  Once I provide the model, Gabe responds, “want car.”  The question without a model is not enough information to reinforce this activity.  Gabe has the play routine down, and in the second video, he develops his own routine and expands the play by placing the blocks on the truck.  I use recasting again to reinforce the vocabulary for that activity.  The play activity is with simple toys that do not do the “talking” for Gabe.  The more the toy works and says, the less the child does.  Blocks and cars are great options for play routines during home practice.


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