Yakos Therapy, Inc. will follow these procedures during this time to ensure our patients and staff stay healthy and avoid the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

A Parent Agreement and Screening Check List for Visitors will be provided, along with a

Therapy Checklist at the beginning/end of each session.

1.      Anyone feeling sick or noticing symptoms will need to stay home.


2.      Before & after each session, every staff, patient, parent and those accompanying patients, are to                       wash their hands either in the rest room or the clinic’s kitchen sink. The rest room will be sanitized as               well as the restroom door handles and restroom key each time.

3.      Patient temperatures will be taken at prior to the start therapy session.

3.      After each hand washing use the hand sanitizer located at the reception desk.

4.      Therapy toys will be wiped down after each use.


5.      Furniture will be continuously sanitized using hospital grade wipes or spray.


6.      All feeding sessions will be suspended until we are over the high-risk time.

7.      Masks are required for administrative staff and when appropriate, worn by the patients and therapists.