Crest Hill

Yakos Therapy is a speech-language pathologist clinic serving children with communication and learning challenges in the Crest Hill, Illinois area. Yakos Therapy offers a variety of services and programs highlighted by service excellence and quality of care, including speech-language evaluation and treatment for articulation, language, and fluency (stuttering) and feeding disorders.

For our Crest Hill families, therapy sessions at Yakos Therapy are play based and include parent training and participation. Our therapists work closely with families in Crest Hill, Illinois to ensure they are able to provide adequate support for home practice activities and provides families with resources and materials to ensure progress in speech-language. Information is presented using visual, auditory, tactile and movement activities to help children learn about sound quality and how sounds are produced in speech.

The Yakos Therapy team offers Crest Hill, Illinois families bilingual services in Spanish, Polish, and English to better serve your needs.

If you live in the Crest Hill, Illinois area and have any concerns about your child’s speech development, please contact Yakos Therapy today to learn about how we can help your family.

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